Care Family Christmas

Noone Should Feel Alone At Christmas

Why it matters

Christmas Day can be difficult. Without the right support and relationships, many young people spend Christmas on their own: in flats, B&Bs and hostels.

Together, we can change this.

Since 2014, with Scotland’s support, Who Cares? Scotland has made sure that Care Experienced people have a family to be part of on Christmas day. Our planning group were recognised at the Young Scot Awards for their incredible volunteering efforts. This year we want to do more and with your help, we will.

Our aim is to put on a family Christmas dinner that brings people together on the 25th of December. The doors will be open to Care Experienced people from across Scotland and we will be making arrangements so that people in the surrounding areas can attend. We are going to offer support to people who want to organise a dinner in their area.

We also want to send over 2000 Christmas cards in the run up to Christmas. Our members are all over Scotland and many won't receive a card in the post. This year, we'll make sure that all care experienced people receive a reminder that they're not alone.